Algotech is a company engaged in information technology services was established on January 1, 2013. Algotech established to help users of information services in terms of providing the best solutions in the field of information technology and provide an overview of how information technology can contribute a lot to the productivity of companies.

To achieve these objectives we are more focused to provide solutions to problems that exist in the company. And customer satisfaction that we see not on today's problems, but also how to make the information available technology can achieve the goals of the company.

Consumer confidence is a valuable asset for us. For that reason we will always be integrated and are committed to customer satisfaction. We will always improve our knowledge and expertise to become a leader in information technology to support our goal of customer satisfaction.


In 5 years algotech will build a system of quality information for the academic campus and is used throughout the campus in North Sumatra.


1.Developing Competitive IT Products.
2.Professionalism and teamwork in producing a quality service.
3.Provide the best service to clients.
4.Developing cooperation and mutually beneficial business partnership.
5.Developing innovation and the latest best technology in each product.
6.Increased benefits and added value for clients.